Friday, October 1, 2010

Project 365: FAIL

Confession: I'm terrible at sticking to self-imposed deadlines. If it's a project for work or someone else, then I usually try really hard to get things done on time, and I can honestly say that I've never missed a work deadline. Self-imposed, though? I suck. Just being honest.

For example, did you know that I had a workout video blog? Yea...that died. I actually tried out a lot more videos than I actualy wrote reviews for, but after a while, I got lazy again and stopped working out. I may pick that one up just to finish reviewing the videos I actually tried...maybe. Anyone interested in the video reviews? I tried everything listed in the "Upcoming Challenges" plus a few yoga DVDs and a bahgra video (can you say cardio? whooo!). Now that I'm counting, I tried out 10 different workouts. I only needed two more to finish the challenge. Wow. I'm lame.

I even had a wedding planning blog that I wrote consistently throughout wedding planning. I had readership and comments and subscribers and everything. I left them all hanging on the wedding recap, of course.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. This post is about my most recent failed, self-imposed challenge--a Project 365. Sometime around the end of May this year I had the random idea to try to shoot and post at least one picture a day for 365 days. I thought, "Hey, I take a lot of pictures. I should do one of those 365 thingies on Flickr." Did you read the title of this post? Uh huh. I failed. No excuses. I forgot to take a picture one day...and then another day...and so on until now, we're here.

I don't think I'm going to pick up the 365 again anytime soon. My set was sad. One day, I took a picture of my shoes. No joke. See for yourself. Also, there was a shot of A's hair. Yes, there was. So sad.

There are a few that I'm proud of, though. Like this shoe shot...

Day 39 - sneaker shop

these cute little toes...

Day 19 - ornament

and my favorite Southwest shot...

Day 35 - flying out

Looking back at those made me realize that the point of doing a Project 365 wasn't just to take a picture every day and say, "Yay! I did it!" (though, for me, that would be an accomplishment). The point was to practice. If I practiced photography everyday, I would get better, and that's what I wanted.

I want to practice. I want to improve. I want someone to be accountable to! That someone is you. :-)

On this blog, I will post a Picture of the Week. One picture per week. Not too hard, right? It might be my favorite shot of the week, or it might just be a shot that best describes the happenings of that week. I may go back and post some of my favorite shots from weeks past, but for now, I'll simply try to move forward and post a picture from the current week. I'll post it here and link it on Facebook. Promise. Now hold me to it.

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