Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding Dialogues: Vol 2

Wedding Dialogues: Vol 1

So, you saw my brother and his girlfriend. Now, it's the groom's turn.

Me: Heeey! Hooo! Heeey! Hooo!
A: Whoop! There it is! Whoop! There it is!

Me: Ok, that was fun. I'm done now.
Friends around: Ok, Joy put her hands down. Let's put ours down, too.
A: Not me! I'm in the middle! Whoop! There it is!

A: Hey, Grandma, let's dance! I'm not sure how to lead, though.
Grandma: It's okay! You follow me. I'm a good dancer, no?

A: Yay, Grandma, I did it!
Grandma: Good job! High five!

Friends: YYYYY!!!

Me: A!
Friends: A!
A: Time out! Time out! Joy, your goal posts are crooked. Hurtin'.

All photos taken by our wedding photographer: Michael Trinh Photography.

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