Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Floors!

This is a little late of a post because I'm a slacker. I didn't get the "after" shots done until the house was completely put back together. Of course, once it got put back together, the dining table that A uses as a desk was completely trashed, so I didn't include that in any shots. :-P Also, I'm apparently terrible at before and afters, because NONE of them were taken from the same angles. Oops.

I can't figure out how to insert a line in between pictures, so just know that the top two are BEFORE shots and the bottom two are AFTER shots.

You can kind of tell from the kitchen shots that the floor is an upgrade. At the very least, it's shinier. :-P I'm completely smitten with the Brazilian Koa. The different colors in wood means it looks great with all of our furniture. What I love most is that the two floors connect seamlessly! Of course, I forgot to take a picture of where the entryway meets the living/dining room. Plus, NO CARPET IN THE DINING ROOM! Yay!

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