Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pic of the Week: 12.26.10

As you may have noticed, this week includes New Years Eve/Day, but I didn't choose a New Year photo. Instead of the Midnight craziness, I thought I'd feature a photo in appreciation of the awesomeness, amazingness, and super thoughfulness of my friends.

Shot of the week for the week of 12.26.10.
Taken 12.27.10 using a 50mm Macro lens.
Close up of a few of the books in my hard-backed classics collection
(From left to right: Jane Eyre from the Coralie Bickford-Smith collection published by Penguin, The Oz Chronicles picked up many moons ago from a random bookstore in the mall, The Chronicles of Narnia from the Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics collection)

Did you catch that? I said that shot was taken with a 50mm Macro. My ridiculously awesome, insanely wonderful friends bought me a macro lens for my birthday/Christmas. I love you, ladies! :-)

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In case you were wondering what my New Years looked like, here's a peek:
Noise makers on the floor, streamers from party poppers everywhere, hugs all around, smiles on everyone's faces, and Gabo always ready for the camera. I think that about sums up New Years with my family. :-)

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