Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pic of the Week Goes NY: 12.05.10

New York was so awesome, I thought that each day deserved it's own highlight; so instead of just one Shot of the Week, I'll be posting a Shot (or two!) of the Day for each day we were there. :-) Are you ready?


Squirrel at Central Park
The crazy thing--I didn't use my zoom for this. I was actually that close, and he didn't run away.

Apple Store Stairs
I took a shot from this same angle the first time I was here. Second (or third?) time around, I still think it looks cool. :-P


Fried Risotto Balls from Faicco's
Seriously. Fried risotto balls. Try some.
PS. Nice "candid" face, Auntie!

Ornaments in front of Radio City Music Hall
Ambient light only. No flash or tripod. No prime, either.


The view outside Grandma's 75th birthday party.
Again, no tripod!
Thanks, "little" bro for being my indoor light glare blocker.

White Fender Stratocaster
Rudy's Music in SOHO
Like guitars? Go here. This place is amazing.
PS. Does anyone else think of Wayne's World when they see Stratocasters?

Hot Chocolate
Le Pain Quotidien
You pour the hot, melted chocolate into steamed milk. Yum.

Sign on the door of a 7-11.

Shoe shelf in Bodega

Random bridge somewhere in Boston

That's all for this week, but stay tuned for shots from the week of 12.12.10

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Anonymous said...

Love the sceneries & you captured them well in pictures :)