Monday, April 4, 2011

Have a Cow

Across the street from my grandparent's house, there's an old golf course that is now home to a bunch of cows. It's kind of funny when you visit at night because the cows will moo at you in the darkness. I think it's funny anyway.

Ok, so back to my story. One day, A and I went to visit while the sun was still out and the cows were roaming in front of the house (most of the time they're hidden somewhere else in the large plot of land). I took this as my chance to take some pictures of the cows!

As I approached the fence, I noticed one cow standing very close to the border where my cousins were standing (I think they were mocking the cow...just because it sounds like something they'd do). Of course, up went the camera, and I went shooting away. This little cow stared us down for a long time!

Seriously. It was a while. I have several shots of this cow that all look pretty much the same because I was shooting prime and the cow wouldn't move. Not even a turn of the head. It just kept staring us down.

It kept staring us down even as it finally walked away!

See? Still staring.

I'm glad a finally grabbed a couple shots of the cows. They've been there a while, but I never had the chance. I like how this one is all brown and tufty instead of sleek black like the ones in the background.

And I promise I tilted at that angle because of the chain-link fence, and not because I just love to do that. I do love to do that, but this time, it really was the fence.

Also, I keep calling the cow an "it" because I can't tell cow genders. Someone please educate me.

PS. Before I started the cow photo shoot, THIS happened.

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