Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pic of the Week: 03.27.11

I have two this week because I couldn't decide.

Castelo di Amorosa, originally uploaded by oojoyjoy.

Taken 03.27.11 with Canon SD800IS. The point and shoot has gotten a lot of love lately.

Castelo di Amorosa was a gorgeous, delicious, serendipitous find! We saw the sign on the side of the road and decided to head in for a tasting just for the fun of it. None of us knew that we would pull up to a gorgeous castle flanked by green vineyards all around.

beginnings of spring, originally uploaded by oojoyjoy.

Taken 04.02.11 using 18-105mm kit zoom (on my beloved D90).

Bare branches shot just as the sun went down after a busy day of local truck food and local goods shopping.

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