Monday, June 20, 2011

Pic of the Week: 05.08.11

underside by oojoyjoy
underside, a photo by oojoyjoy on Flickr.

Shot of the week for the week of 05.08.11
Taken 05.08.11 with 35mm (yes, I'm the little smartie who didn't bring her macro lens to the rose garden)
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

For Mother's Day, we dedicated a rose bush at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden to our mom. We trekked out to the small garden to show her the bush and the little placard with our message to her. Then we walked around looking at roses, and I was amazed at the variety. I didn't know roses could look so different!

Here are a few more of my favorite flowers from that day. PS. Did you know that it's really difficult to take pictures of flowers when it's windy?

I love the flare of the petals and the way the red goes from light in the center to deep along the outer petals.

Have you seen a naturally speckled rose? I hadn't until that day.

This is not a trick of the editing. This rose was a gorgeous, light blush, peachy, mauve color. Just looking at this photo makes me want to touch it because it looks like it'd be soft, smooth and luxurious, no?

I'm kind of in love with the petal pattern on this one. If I had known roses like this existed, I would have requested them at my wedding! I think this rose is trying to usurp the alstromeria's position as my favorite flower.

Love it.

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