Friday, June 24, 2011

Pic of the Week: 05.15.11

50 by oojoyjoy
50, a photo by oojoyjoy on Flickr.

Shot of the week for the week of 05.15.11
Taken with 35mm, indoors, no flash

Someone turned 50 this week. I'm not saying who because I might get in trouble. It wasn't my dad, though. :-P

Technically, this was taken the week of 05.22.11 since we celebrated on a Sunday, but I thought it'd be better to post this as the shot for her actual birthday week. Ooops, did I say "her"? I meant "their". I'm not saying who...but it's wasn't my grandma.

Just so it doesn't look I'm cheating, though, this is a shot actually taken during the week of 05.15.11.

indoor ferris wheel by oojoyjoy
indoor ferris wheel, a photo by oojoyjoy on Flickr.

Taken 05.16.11 using a Canon SD800IS point and shoot.
This is the ferris wheel inside the Bellagio atrium. See more of that trip HERE.

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