Monday, June 6, 2011

Pic of the Week Goes Cruising: 05.01.11

I spent the week of 05.01.11 on a ship in the Caribbean with my whole family (in my world that means 50 people!), and such a memorable trip deserves not one but three Pic of the Week posts! We'll start off with some daily cruise highlights. Next, we'll have a nice beach installment so all us NorCal-ers can reminisce on the warm, Caribbean beaches while suffering through the unusual 60°F June weather we're having. :-P And finally, because I'm that annoying person in the restaurant who takes a picture of everything before she eats it, you'll get a whole weeks worth of Princess food shots without any of the calories (and the accompanying weight gain--oh yes, it happened).

Taken 05.01.11 - Day at Sea
For the first day at sea, we had a delicious wine tasting experience with Princess Grapevine. This was also the day a waiter told me one of the canapes was eggplant and completely vegetarian. I took a bite only to discover it was actually raw beef carpaccio. Thanks, dude.

Taken 05.02.11 - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
This day was the whole reason for the trip--the wedding of my eldest cousin to one of my best friends. It was a gorgeous wedding on the beach that you'll see a bit of when I recap the beach shots.

Also, I'm throwing this in for honorable mention just because he didn't pose for this shot, but it totally looks like he did.

Taken 05.03.11 - Roatan, Honduras
This shot gets a shout out just because it took me a few shots to get it right (darn wind wouldn't blow the flag out straight!), and it was taken with my Canon point and shoot. We spent this day snorkeling and lazing around a gorgeous, secluded beach.

Taken 05.04.11 - Cozumel, Mexico
The White Road (but in Mayan, of course. I just don't remember how to say it) at the San Gervasio Mayan ruins in Cozumel. Apparently, women would come to this temple to pray for fertility. Our tour guide was quick to point out that it was good of me to come here since I'm married with no kids. Uhh...thanks...

This shot gets honorable mention for being the only iguana to elude me (while I set my exposure). For some reason, I like this shot better than the full iguana shots I got.

Taken 05.05.11 - Day at Sea
Another day at sea = another wine tasting event! Much cheaper wines this time around, but it was still fun. At least this time I wasn't tricked into eating beef.

Taken 05.06.11 - Princess Cays, Bahamas
This entire day was spent on the beach at Princess Cays, so it was hard to find ones that didn't give the beach away. Instead, you get a couple of black and white shots of tangled branches and sea trees. :-)

Taken 05.07.11 - Flying Home
Sun set above the clouds on our way home. I also took a picture of how swollen my feet got during the flight, but I'll spare you that.

Stay tuned for the beach and food shots!
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