Friday, July 1, 2011

Edgewood Eats

You may have already heard that I'm a fan of food trucks. Despite the crowd, I still enjoyed the first SJ Eats event. Seriously, I didn't care so much about the lack of organization. I was there for the food! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend any of the subsequent SJ Eats events due to prior commitments, so imagine my delight when I accidentally stumbled upon Edgewood Eats! The hubs and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner one night, and I thought it'd be a good idea to take him to a food truck since he hadn't tried very many. I looked up where a couple local trucks were posted up and discovered that a few were all going to be at the same place--Edgewood Plaza. I looked it up, and what do you know, there's actually something called Edgewood Eats! (yelp reviews HERE)

Here's a tip--arrive early! We got there 10-15min early (on accident), and there was little to no line at most of the trucks. By the time the trucks opened, the lines were LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Seriously. Those 10-15min we waited for the trucks to open saved us probably over an hour of waiting in line. Worth it.

Not a tip, but something to keep in mind--Edgewood Eaters are forrealsies. Quite a few patrons brought tables and chairs or picnic blankets to set up along the side or even in the middle of the food truck circle. There's space along the edges to sit on the sidewalk and eat (like we did), but if you know you'd be more comfortable on a chair, don't be embarrassed to bring one. You'll be the norm, not the oddball.

See? These peeps busted out a full on wood picnic table and chair set, and they weren't the only ones.

I didn't take many shots of the crowd or the trucks this time, so I'll just post about the food. I present to you, our haul:

Chairman Bao was one of the last trucks to open, so while I was waiting in line A picked up a crab sandwich from ShackMobile.
Being a huge fan of the (overpriced) delicious crab sandwich at AT&T Park (home of my beloved Giants), this sandwich was not at all what I expected. The AT&T sandwich is crunchy and buttery and juicy and delicious with large chunks of crab. This was a cold, shredded crab salad on toasted bread. I only had one bite, so I can't really pass complete judgement. I think A enjoyed it okay, though. His judgement was, "It's a crab sandwich."
Check out ShackMobile's yelp reviews HERE

From Little Green Cyclo:
Garlic Noodles with Tofu.
I love garlic, and I love noodles of all kinds; so garlic noodles is one of my favorite things to eat. This one was good, but it neither impressed or disappointed me, if that makes any sense. It was just good. I liked the sauce on the tofu, though.

We also tried (but didn't photograph) their bahn mi. $5 for a bahn mi?? Yikes! Surprisingly, though, it was worth it for me. Not too many places offer tofu or vegetarian bahn mi, and those that I've tried have lacked flavor. Little Green Cyclo's tofu bahn mi was GOOD! The lemongrass sauce they cook the tofu in adds wonderful flavor and moisture to the sandwich. I was so happy with it, I'd definitely order it again next time I come across them.
Check out Little Green Cyclo's yelp reviews HERE

From Chairman Bao:
Pork Belly steamed bun with pickled daikon. Crispy Tofu steamed bun with miso greens.
It's no secret that I love Chairman Bao, but I'll say it again. I love Chairman Bao.

Close up of the tofu steamed bun. mmmmmm...crunchy, seasoned tofu...creamy, rich, flavorful sauce...tangy, crisp miso greens...all held in a soft, warm, steamed bun. My mouth is watering...

Braised Pork baked bun with napa cabbage.
I don't think the picture accurately depicts just how large this thing is. It's pretty big. According to A (who totally ate that whole thing even after that crab sandwich and the pork belly bun), the flavor was really good.
Check out Chairman Bao's yelp reviews HERE

From Butterscotch On The Go:
Butterscotch Pudding with smoked chocolate almond brittle.
Considering the truck is called Butterscotch On the Go, I knew I had to try this, and I'm so glad I did. It was delicious. The delicately smokey and slightly salty almond brittle was a nice contrast to the light, creamy butterscotch pudding.

Don't mind the chipping nail polish. I was trying to get a picture to show the size.

A had the vanilla pound cake with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. After everything else he ate, I take the fact that he polished this thing off as a good sign.

We also tried (but didn't photograph) their chocolate torte with sea salt. Rich, dense chocolate with a light sprinkling of salt--mmm. Definitely on the heavier side after a massive food truck feast, but since I love salt and chocolate, I'm glad I picked it up.
Check out Butterscotch's yelp reviews HERE

If you didn't click it up there, you can get to Edgewood Eats yelp reviews HERE. It's hard to compare EE to SJ Eats since I only attended the very first SJE event that everyone besides me hated. EE is smaller with fewer trucks and fewer people. The lines still get long, but there's a lot more room for people to sit and eat (and set up their own tables and chairs). The plaza it's in is kind of run down, but that just means there's plenty of parking, especially if you come early on. I was told that EE targets more North Bay trucks while SJE gets more of the South Bay trucks, so I definitely think they're both worth a visit!

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