Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Week 1

I'm trying my hardest to keep up with this photo challenge. Unfortunately, I'm not the best at looking at the photo schedule ahead of time (as you'll see in a minute) and figuring out what I want to shoot. I need to work on that. 

Day 1: Self-Portrait
Seriously, how do people take such nice photos in front of a mirror? This took me way more takes than I'm willing to admit, and the one that I chose was very literally the last shot that I took in the series. 

Day 2: What I Wore Today
I was glad this fell on a Sunday so I wouldn't have to subject anyone to my I-work-in-a-lab outfits. I have so much more respect for all those fashion bloggers out there who take photos of themselves on a tripod. This was surprisingly difficult! Also, when I set up for this photo, I realized that I have ZERO unused/blank walls in the house, so you get to see the awesomeness that is our library/shoe closet/random storage room. Aren't you special? :-D Yes, we like board games. 

Day 3: Clouds
So I noticed from those who posted before I did that there were people who had no clouds on this day. I had the opposite problem--the whole sky was completely overcast to the point that you couldn't tell there were any clouds. This was the only definition I could find. Kinda cool, though.

Day 4: Something Green
This is what happens when you hurry to take some shots of something green and don't read ahead to see that in a couple days you'll need to take a photo of fruit. Ooops. 

Day 5: From a High Angle
This one was interesting because it's not something I'm used to doing. I'm short, so my default "odd angle" is to shoot from below.

Day 6: From a Low Angle
After I took these, I realized I could have made my life easier by shooting something tall instead of crouching  to take a shot from below a table. Oh well. :-P The angle is deceiving because I zoomed a bit, but I'm literally crouching under hub's arm (low enough to not get elbowed in the head) shooting up. 

Day 7: Fruit
This is me scrambling to find some fruit, any fruit, to photograph after using the apples in the "Green" photo. Plate of already cut up lemons at a gathering = WINNER

Day 8: A Bad Habit
I literally thought of this one as the alarm went off and I pushed "snooze"...the first time. It took me the third times to get this shot because I snoozed again before I finally got up. :-P Yes, my name is Joy and I'm a snooze-aholic. I set my alarms for at least half an hour before I really, absolutely have to get up because I push the snooze without even realizing it. 

Off to check out how everyone else has been doing now!


Jenna said...

I *love* your outfit in the outfit post. Totally something I would wear!

Our Wired Lives said...

great shots! I love how brilliant your photos are. Great shots.

joy said...

@Jenna Thank you! I was very glad this prompt landed on a church day so I was already "dressed up" a little. :-)