Monday, August 18, 2008

Green Standouts

I've slowly been switching out my household cleaning products to environmentally versions. It's been a slow process, and while many have "passed" my use testing (as in they work, but nothing to write home about), some have impressed me a lot. A few of my standouts as of now:

I use this almost everywhere. In the kitchen, the livingroom, the bathroom. It even cleans my floors better than Swiffer Wet does. Doesn't hurt that it smells good, too. I'm tiring of the grapefruit scent, though, so I'll be switching scents next time.

I want this in Lavender, but I have it in Lemon Verbenna. A has been in the habit of not rinsing the sink after rinsing dishes. The result has been a light layer of "stuff" on the surface of the sink. I tried soap and water. I tried my trusty Method All Purpose Cleaner. Even full strength Simple Green didn't work. Kleen King worked a little when I scrubbed hard, but I didn't like that I was smelling metal when I used it, and it left scratches on my pretty sink. Enter Mrs. Meyer's Surface Scrub...and my sink looks brand new! No joke. A walked into the kitchen and said, "Woah! It looks like we got a new sink!" Very little elbow grease involved, and the smell was lemony instead of metallic.

Lovin' this stuff so far. I have it in the Magnolia and Lily, but I've also seen it in Lemongrass and Free&Clear. It works with both HE and non-HE machines. For a product that is "HE compatible" instead of formulated specifically for HE machines, the sudsing is quite low as long as the correct amount is used. It cleans just as well as the Tide that I'm used to, plus it's cheaper and has a built in fabric softener. I find that the softener works well if the clothes are put through the dryer, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on the ones that are hung to dry. Also, the scent lingers on some fabrics better than others, but I kind of like that the scent isn't heavy.

This is my first time using a sodium percarbonate product (like OxyClean), and I'm pretty impressed! I washed some stained dish towels and place mats with it in the wash (I added it to the bleach compartment), and everything came out looking bright and clean. I will say that it foams a little too much for my comfort (foam + HE = scary), but it works. Next time I use it I'll try using less to see if that will help with the bubbles.

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