Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shiny New Toy

If you can't be with the one you love...

love the one you're with.

A is now the proud (? maybe?) owner of a Weber Spirit E-310. We went with quality and durability over a cheaper grill because the reviews of parts rusting out and terrible customer service scared the crap out of me. The good news is that since it's technically the end of grilling season, all the Home Depots around us were out of stock, so we were able to snag an already assembled, perfect condition floor model (with all the paperwork and assembly tools still inside) at a pretty discount. We picked up a new propane tank and ordered a heavy duty cover, and we still spent less than the actual retail price of the grill! I likey good deals. :-)

The Weber kettle we're babysitting will be returning to it's rightful home in my parents backyard. If A gets nostalgic, his new grill is sporting a pretty picture of his old love.

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