Sunday, September 21, 2008

Year Old Cake

You know you're curious. :-P

Our wedding cake:

One year later, that top tier came out of my parents' freezer looking like this:

Not too hot, but not too bad at the same time. The verdict on taste?

It was GOOD! Not in a good-for-year-old-frozen-cake way, but really good in a if-this-was-the-cake-i-was-given-in-a-tasting-i-would-hire-them way. Seriously.

My mom didn't do anything special to freeze it. I heard that you're supposed to wrap it a few times in plastic wrap, then again in aluminum foil, then put it in a tupperware. My mom kept it in just the tupperware for the whole year. You see the white thing the cake is sitting on? That's the bottom of the tupperware. It was that big. The fondant didn't make it through the year without tasting like sweet freezer, but I think it kind of acted as the freezer barrier for the buttercream and cake underneath because they were delicious. And I'm picky with cake.

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