Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Greeny Things

A few more verdicts in case you're curious:

BATHROOM TISSUE--We tried Seventh Generation (2ply, 400 sheets/roll) and Green Forest (2ply, 198 sheets/roll) based on user reviews. They're both pretty good, and I'd recommend them both to people who are looking to switch away from virgin toilet paper. We've decided to go with Seventh Generation because it's slightly softer, more readily available to us, and the fact that we wouldn't have to change the roll as often is a nice plus.

Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap
--I loved the lavender scent so much that I bought almost everything that I could find in this scent without doubling up on household products I already have. As a dish soap it cleans ok, but it doesn't cut tough grease as well as I would like on some surfaces. I still love the smell (it actually makes me like washing the dishes!), but I'll probably try something new when it runs out.

Mrs. Meyer's Stainless Steel Spray--Unfortunately, this left streaks on some of my stainless steel appliances, but it worked pretty well at cleaning my sink! It has really good reviews, but I think it works differently on different appliances. I'll keep it around for routine sink cleanings because it works so well. That way I shouldn't need to bust out the miracle Surface Scrub that I also love.

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