Saturday, November 29, 2008

Midnight Madness

I was among those who braved the malls at midnight of Black Friday. Really, the hubs had to open his store at midnight so I figured I might as well walk around the mall and see what I could get a great deal on.

My best deal of the night? A 20-piece Pyrex set similar to this for $20! I had been looking to get a set of Pyrex to replace our plastic tupperware and a couple knock-off bakeware pieces that we bought in a pinch. I saw a Costco coupon for $6 off of an 18-piece set (I heard that the final price would end up somewhere around $35-40) and was planning to go buy that during the day, but walking by the Corningware store, a big sign in the window for $30 18-piece set. When I walked in, I saw that the doorbuster was the 20-piece set for $20! Score!

To make things even better, we dropped by my parents house for dinner that night, as I was walking by my old room, a box caught my eye. Turns out we had left a couple of our wedding gifts at their place, and one of them was an 18-piece set of Corningware similar to this. I feel like we got a whole re-vamped kitchen in one night!

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