Monday, December 1, 2008

Dutch Oven!

To complete our Crazy Shopping Weekend, A and I dropped by the mall to see if we could finish off the last couple gifts on our Christmas list (I said it was crazy shopping, right?). As we walked into the Macy's home department, what do you think the first display would be? Le Creuset, of course! *drool*

Don't worry, I was a good girl. We went around the mall trying to find those last few gifts, but no luck. As we were exiting through Macy's again, the display across from the LC caught my eye. It was Martha Stewart's enameled cast iron pots, and the price was amazing! They even had the little basting spikes under the lids!

When we got home I did my due diligence and researched as much as I could. MS's pots have great reviews except for the few who complained of chipping enamel. For the price we could get it for, the hubs and I decided that a couple of possible chips would be worth the savings for a pot that would still do a good job, and if, in the end, we wanted Le Creuset, we didn't spend enough to regret the change of heart. I also knew that I had to try a pot with basting spikes or else I would wonder forever if they really worked. :-P

So we went back today (the last day of the sale!) and bought our pot! Originally $160, on sale for $90. We received an extra 10% off because we bought the floor model (the only blue left). Then we topped that off with a $25 off Macy's coupon to get the super cute, 7qt oval pot for only $64!

This blue is the accent color in the majority of the house, so, obviously, I love it. What I keep wondering, though, is if we should have gotten the red instead, so that we have more of a pop. Hmmm...

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