Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh the Torn-ness

I still haven't decided whether I should keep the blue dutch oven or exchange it for the red. I hate not being able to decide. Almost as much as I hate holding on to things for a while before I return them. I almost feel like I'm cheating the store somehow. Don't ask why. I don't know why.

So, to keep my sanity, I'm going to go through my entire thought process right here in hopes that it'll make more sense if I type it out rather than just thinking it.

I know that I love the blue because it's a cute blue, and it's literally everywhere in my house. However, I think the red is a really pretty shade of red. I have red nowhere besides a snack bowl on the kitchen counter and a recently purchased utensil crock next to the stove.

Now, I love red as a kitchen accent...but I've hated red (especially in clothing) my whole life. It's kind of a weird feeling actually liking red for once. Blue, on the other hand, I absolutely love, but I feel that I may be going into blue-accent-overkill in the house. I mean, really, come up with another color scheme, can't you??

At first I thought that maybe I could just do a red+blue kitchen--very Frenchish...but all I want to buy are red things (save the Le Creuset Flame that I've been lusting after). At the same time, I know that the blue would look much better in my dining room if used as a serving piece (because of all that blue accenting, of course).

Then again, red would look much better with our everyday plates. But blue would look better with our fine china (that we've never used thus far).

The blue looks much prettier as a stand alone piece--much less common. But the red looks great on the stove and as an accent in the kitchen.

I decide to return the blue for the red. Then I look at the blue and think that I can't possibly do that. I want the red so badly, but I can't make myself let go of the blue for the red.

Then there's the matter of the actual dutch oven we picked up. There are a few blemishes under the lid that may be of concern and the handles don't have as smooth of a finish as others in the line, but am I willing to part with the ONLY blue in the store for those problems? The red on display was perfect, but I feel like I picked up a limited item considering there were none left!

I love the thought of a red kitchen, but I don't think I can take an ALL read kitchen. And what about the LC Flame that I've been drooling over? Both colors would look ok with it, but then there goes the whole red+blue theme.

Oh dear. This is getting ridiculous.

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