Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dutch Oven Dilemma Resolved

Lucky for me, this morning I thought to check out to see if I could find a Christmas present for my dad. That's when I found out that today was actually Macy's One Day Sale. Not only did I find a great gift for my dad, but I also found the cast iron trivets that I've been wanting on sale from $15 a piece to 2 for $12. And more importantly, I found an even better deal on my dutch oven!

I thought that getting the 7qt oval oven for $63 (down from $160) was as awesome as it gets, but I was wrong. Today it was on sale for $35! I picked up one in red...and also dropped a 7qt round in blue (I originally wanted a 5qt, but it was over $50) in my shopping bag for another $32. I had a code for free shipping, so I didn't have to deal with that extra charge. That means that for $4 extra dollars, I got an extra dutch oven. What a deal!

Not only that, but after I return the oven I originally purchased, I will have one each in blue and red. Nice compromise! :-)

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