Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Life Goals

Back in the day when I was blogging on three platforms simultaneously (Blogger, LJ and Xanga), I started a 101 in 1001 Project. Remember how I said that I'm terrible at sticking to self imposed deadlines? Ya....I completely forgot about this project until recently when I read someone else's progress post. Oops. I never even finished writing up 101 goals. Double oops.

Surprisingly enough, even though I completely forgot about this project and the goals I wrote down, I think I've made considerable progress on them. Funny how the goals we have for ourselves stick with us whether we keep track of them with a list or not.

According to my original post, I have until October 6 of this year to complete everything. Not too bad. See my progress below and my original post HERE.

*I'm too tired to figure out a strikethrough, so completed goals will be listed in red with comments in italics.

As of 03.02.11 - 43.5/83 completed and 8 goals removed

1. Enroll in CSA and support local, organic agriculture! (plus, eat more vegetables)
2. Buy outdoor storage
3. Actually decorate the bedroom
(not complete, but definitely progress)
4. Turn the office into a normal looking office (actually, we one-upped this and turned this room into a library/wii room)
5. Phase out cheap cookware/kitchenware and replace with quality stuff (we had very little cheap stuff to begin with, but at this point, all the cheapies and some of the nice quality stuff has been replaced with very good quality cookware/bakeware.)
6. Plant an herb garden and keep it alive! (so...I planted a couple herb gardens...and they died...)
7. Make a good batch of macaroons
8. Make red velvet cupcakes from scratch (multiple times!)
9. Learn to cut up a whole chicken
10. Reduce amount of meat eaten by half (reduced by way more than half)
11. Use at least one recipe from all cookbooks currently owned. (eck, really? I have a lot of cookbooks...)

12. Convert ALL household cleaning items to green products
13. Shampoo/steam carpets (we one upped this and took out the carpet in favor of eng wood)
14. Backup computer regularly
15. Clip and archive old magazines (one upped this one by just recycling all the old mags. no clutter!)
16. Pare down knick-knacks (I wont say this is done, but considering we just donated/gave away 50+ books and have 3 large boxes of clothes awaiting donation, I'd say we're making progress.)
17. Organize area under bedroom window
18. Re-organize kitchen cupboards (we also turned the coat closet into a large pantry to aid in this)

19. Take a cooking class (not exactly cooking, but the hubs and I took a sushi making class together)
20. Take a knife skills course (what does orange mean? It means that it's no longer one of my life goals, that's what.
21. Cook with ingredients I've never worked with before
22. Cook something completely new every other week
23. Learn to cut my hair well and give myself regular haircuts (I've decided getting my hair cut professionally is well worth it for me)
24. Read continually (My new Nook definitely helps with this!)
25. Try Morroccan food
26. Re-learn my music theory (after buying my keyboard I discovered that I remember more than I thought I did. I'd still like to get better, though!)

27. Become debt free except for mortgage (student loans, timeshare mortgage, etc must become ZERO) (more than halfway there!)
28. Put >$3000 of my own money into 401k yearly (matching doesn't count!)
29. Draft a living will and force the hubs to do so as well
30. Build and maintain $1000 emergency fund
31. Begin fulling funding emergency fund by end of 1001 (actually, we've already begun fully funding our efund)
32. Buy fewer books and use the library more
33. Join a Paperback Swap (I've recently Paused my account, though, in favor of free Nook books.)
34. Save for a new computer just in case
35. Purchase term life insurance
36. Pave the way to pay for grad school in cash (still undecided if I'm even going)
37. Have 10 "No Shopping" months (except for groceries) (WHAT??? Why would I make this a goal???)

38. Take a dance class
39. Floss regularly
40. Stretch regularly (ahhh, yoga...)
41. Start drinking tea daily again
42. Work out at least once a week (technically, I think if you add up all the days that I work out in a year, it averages out to once a week :-P)
43. Complete the Perfect Push-up workout at least once
44. Find a primary care physician
45. Accumulate balance in HSA (we switched insurance carriers and no longer have an HSA plan)
46. Carve down the mountain without falling (I can get down without falling, but I can't carve all the way down)
47. Go fishing
48. BE ABLE TO EAT FRUIT AGAIN (YAY! I will attribute most of it to three week smoothie "diet" where I had a fruit/veggie smoothie for breakfast and lunch. I can't eat all fruit yet, but most are fine now. :-D)
49. Do a cleanse/detox (if research checks out!) (I can post more on this later if people are interested)

50. Get pay raised 17% (total) through reviews
(I just did the calculations, and as of yesterday I'm at +24% :-D)
51. Clean out cube and lab bench once a month
52. Attend work related seminars regularly
53. Establish authority
(umm, ya...not sure what I meant by that...)
54. Organize and turn in lab notebook
(If this is what I think it is, then yes, it's done)
55. Figure out grad school plan (and enroll if necessary)
56. Attend at least half of all work-related social functions
57. Organize work space and maintain order

58. Host a tasting of some sort (wine? cupcakes? chocolate?)
59. Send a personal letter/card/email to a friend once a month
60. Keep in touch with friends better!
61. Host a game night three times a year
62. Become more aware of international affairs
63. Host a Girl's Night twice a year
64. Host a family holiday
65. Join a bowling league
66. Take at least one picture at every "event" attended
67. Sends cards to family in New York and Orange twice a year just because
68. Cook with friends once a month
69. Have the parents over for dinner once a month

70. Give all handmade gifts for one Christmas
71. Click to Give at least once a week
72. Donate 100,000 grains of rice (through Freerice.com)
73. Perform 10 random acts of kindess
74. Give a food to a homeless person at least three times
75. Volunteer outside my comfort zone
76. Teach one of the youth to harmonize
77. Teach back-ups to sight-read (really? I made this a goal??)

78. Improve Tagalog and Ilocano speaking skills (LOL)
79. Attend an opera
80. Travel somewhere international with the hubs
81. Make a Halloween costume (putting on my own clothes that look like a character doesn't count!) (I was a Holey Ghost one year. :-))
82. Have "Computer Free Friday Nights" for one month
83. Turn at least two relatives onto green cleaning supplies
84. Keep a reusable shopping bag in purse at all times
85. Update food blog more regularly (Remember how I can't stick to things? THIS is one of them.)
86. Take a mud bath in actual mud
87. Create 50th Anniv album for Grandparents
88. Send out sound clips from wedding
89. Finally make it out to Aunt's Washington cabin
90. **personal** (CONFESSION: I have no idea what these last two items are supposed to be!)
91. **personal**

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